Decent Furnisher Launches in Lahore

Decent Furnishers (Pvt) Ltd is one of the most renowned names in the Pakistan furniture industry today. It was a family endeavor started in 1910 but over the course of time has grown into one of the most prolific businesses in the country. It provides quality furnishings that are traditional and yet updated with modern needs and aesthetics.  Based in Gujrat, DF has expanded into Rawalpindi and now aims to enter the furniture market in Lahore.

Decent furniture gives the high quality in a timely manner and at affordable price ranges. It invests in sustainability theories to provide modern furniture of the high functionability and longest durability. their range of products are restricted to home restricted to home furnishings restricted to home furnishings but also include office and hotel interior and wood flooring. 

With the reputation to provide variety and quality in new and imperial furniture designs, Decent Furnishers ensures that it’s customers’ needs are met and each individual can visualize their own identity in their home decor.

If you want to buy furniture that has both style & luxury! Decent Furnishers has it all!

DF bringing modernity and comfort to infuse your lifestyle with contemporary furniture in your home!!

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