Daur-e-Hayat by Qalamkar: An epitome of Opulent Lawn collection 2019 has made its mark to the top!

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As the spring reached around the corner, Pakistani Lawn brands predominantly grabbed the market by back to back lawn collection launch and we are totally engrossed in the spurring fever of lawn. Women can surely relate to it! Besides making us go swooning over the vibrant, exquisite and embellished silhouettes, it has further enhanced the charm of flamboyant spring vibes to the optimum level. All brands are flaunting their flawless collection, in the mainstream this top notch brand Qalamkar has undoubtedly fabricated the true essence craved by Pakistani Women. Bringing forth the immaculate designs, on point cuts demanded by women and quality assurance, the brand has launched its collection namely “Daure-Hayat” respectively.

Recently organized a launching event of its lawn collection, the brand elegantly had stolen everyone’s attention as it had been accentuated with the ace bloggers and magazines. Ebuzztoday had thoroughly observed the fine collection and we can’t help but to praise the explicit lawn with detailed embroideries and prints bringing an extravagant edge to the luxurious unstitched collection. Inspired by the eye catchy colours, botanic garden, tribal pattern and digital printing of geometric shapes and old ancient historical buildings, the collection turns to be exhilarating. The designs were further stylized by the right choice of floral motifs, laces and frills.

The price has stunned us even more as the range starts from 300 and goes up to 8000 which is quite affordable when it comes to pull off semi formals intricate with modern silhouettes. The luxury lawn and festive collection has much more to offer, on point exquisite prints, distinctive cuts and sheer traditional edge is all what a woman asks for and Qalamkar surely acknowledges it quite well.

Crafted with fine fabric, modern yet explicit hues and embellished perfectly, Qalamkar stand apart from the rest of the competitive brands in terms of quality and prices. Highly recommended to the ladies in town searching for something out of the box!!