Date Night A Musical farce full of punch lines!

We believe that. We’re halfway prepared for a romantic comedy when all hell breaks loose. The pre marketing, billboards all over the city “Date Night” have risen our bar of expectation. On 18th of March they hosted a media night and invited us to watch the play we have been waiting to watch for quite few days.

As we entered the hall we witnessed a house full of people enchanting and waiting for the play to start as the clock struck eight, as promised the curtain has raised we all are excited to see the young actors perform on the stage. The last time we watch theater is almost 8 months back and being a theater lover we more excited than most of the people there.

DawarLashri-comdeyplay - date night
The story of the play revolves around five characters in fact there are total five character in the play. Each one of them got there piece of script well written and well directed by Dawar Lashri.

Before we write more about the play, characters introduction should be given as they have put a lot of efforts and deserve a round of applause for all the hardwork they put to make the characters alive.

Rehearsals - DateNight-Comedy-Play-Lahore

Mehar Bano as Helen, Shah Fahad as Geoff, Waleed Zaidi as Roger, Sana Jafri as Sally and the Shaan Lashari as Ferris.

As the play started Roger and Sally bring their game for this entertaining caper. The characters were so emerged and synced with their roles that not a single person among the audience could keep its eye off from the stage. The entry of each role with a musical comedy synced the introduction that make it even more captivating. Not only this the leading role of Shan Lashari as ferris being the hotel manager, justify his image that how caring but still willingly interfering he is. Not only this we were astonished that how beautifully they all swing their acting and dances,that took the aura of the play to the next level. Apart from comedy the best parts where every single character despite being having a desire to go along with the wish of lust they still conveyed the message and the romantic idealization to a great curiosity, that everybody enjoyed so damn much and not a single hand could resist the appreciation without applauses. The script is called besides manners and has been exceptionally successful across the world. The two corrupt male characters who were at the date night with their girl friends on a vacation got confronted with the most undesirable nightmares of their wife’s staying in the same hotel had leaded the climax up to the mark and how Ferris helped them to rescue them wisely yet keenly without letting it to much insulting for roger and Geoff. Over all it’s a complete package of 1 hour and 30 minutes long packed with jokes and laughs without any breaks.


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