Darvesh joined hands with 55 artists to raise voice for Kashmir in a song!

Musical band Darvesh made a song in which it has collaborated with 55 ace celebrities from entertainment fraternity. The song revolves around the surmounting violation happening in the divine land of Kashmir. The atrocities and Indian’s continuous violence on innocent Kashmiris have made us all raised our voice against this inhumane act. Pertaining to this issue, many artists showed their concern regarding the matter and left no stone unturned when it comes to support Kashmir..

Here are some of the names of the celebrities that are joining hands in order to stand against this violence. Adnan Siddiqui, Tina Sani, Arieb Azhar, Rachel Viccaji, Alycia Dias, Abdullah Qureshi, Shehzad Mughal, Abbas Ali Khan, Omran Shafique, Kaif Ghaznavi, Jinaan Hussain, Nadia Hussain, Aiman Khan, Aijaz Aslam, Faryal Mehmood, Gul Pir, Wajahat Rauf and many top-notch celebrities did their contribution in the making of the video.

The song named “Azaad Houn Mein” has some lyrical compositions of Bullah Shah that stimulates the soulful essence of the song.

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