Dare to Wear!

By Marian Sharaf

Pelle Capanna

Ever wondered what makes Mad Men’s creative director ‘Don Draper?’ It’s his  personality complimented by dry-cleaned suits, cigar and of course his wrist watch, shoes, brief case and even waist belt – all made of leather. Yes, if there’s one thing that’s common in Don Draper and Christian Grey, its leather. But Don Draper is not the only one we envy. It’s all those men owning leather accessories and footwear. We don’t really get to see their leather patent shoes but when we do, it’s impeccable. Even Margaret Thatcher made style statement in leather. The Iron Lady made impression in leather pumps, purses and brief cases. Critic note Thatcher’s secret weapon were her leather handbags.

Leather look is not a style statement only. It’s a decision. It’s a pledge to do the best, be the best and give the best to the world. Jackets are timeless staple in any man’s wardrobe. With summer here, they have been tossed back to the attic. But the journey to dressing up for success does not end here. The world of leather is full of surprises. The expedition to discover new looks and dare to wear is an adventurous ride.

Consider exploring Pelle Capanna. The outlet serves as a walk-in closet to pick and choose the best for corporate look. From sheer leather products in traditional black and brown to modern designs, there’s something for everyday. Begin with a leather mobile cover that speaks style. Go for smart I-pad cover that bodyguards your gadget or laptop bag that’s spacious enough to keep documents too. Every well-organized man you see will have leather planner, filer or dairy. For men facing danger in the field or reporting, there are pocket diaries to keep notes. Offering a comprehensive collection of both classic and contemporary pieces, each item is carefully crafted using high quality leather. Each piece is a result of fine craftsmanship.
Be smart. Wear smart. Nothing is more appealing than a classic leather strapped watch and a waist wrapped by belt of the same material. Be it elegant, sporty or made of sued or genuine crocodile skin, leather belts are must have accessory.

Leather says a lot about a man. They hint he is savvy, confident and tough. While some men are well-groomed in leather, the young and restless are found in funky leather accessories. However they choose to wear it, deep within every man longs to have at least one leather accessory – simply because we admire them or want them to own one.

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