Danyal Zafar’s debut single Ek aur Ek 3 has won hearts of millions: Another Superstar In-the-making?

“Eclectic genre, Danyal’s distinctive style stature and melodious vocals have dazzled us all”

The debut single dropped by immaculate singer Danyal Zafar seems to be game changer in music realm as it surely has that quirky edge to it. Pakistan’s music has always been at the top owing to captivating vocals, exquisite style music and creativity and there is no denying that. Written and composed by Danyal himself, the songs itself is a masterpiece curating the multi-genre’d music with epitome of perfection. We are amazed by amalgam of Qawali and contemporary music elevating the vibes of the song.

Danyal Zafar collaborated with Momina Mustehsan in Coke studio season 10, after the song’s exceptional hit, the singer is all geared up to rule the Entertainment fraternity via his commendable talents. The most anticipated song by Danyal Zafar has taken the internet by storm as it got over 1 million views overnight!

What made this song groundbreaking?

Firstly, this music video is shot in. one-take which makes it even distinctive. Directed by Abdullah Harris, the video showcases the fascinating talents of Danyal Zafar while maintaining a jaw dropping chemistry with actress Hania Amir.

If we categorize it as the music of next generation, then it won’t be wrong by any means. Guitaring, classical music and creativity intact, this song serves us some grooving beat and a treat for all the music lovers out there. Ek aur Ek 3 pertains to new audio-visual techniques that are not only breaking the stereotypical music but also a step towards innovation.

Hania Amir has been witnessed in the most exotic avatar like never before, accentuating the glam stature of the music video by her aura. Furthermore, the incomparable guitar skills of ace singer Danyal Zafar came into play, definitely hitting all the right chords.

The singer surely knows how to garners everyone’s attention resonating with the musical taste of new generation predominantly. Got million views in 24 hours and still growing, Danyal Zafar has proven his mettle in Pakistani Music Industry.

Made us all wowed over this debut single, we are hoping to relish a wide range of hit songs coming our way by this talented singer Danyal Zafar!

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