Daachi Exhibition- featuring Shubinak and Unnusullee

Daachi Art and Craft Exhibition 2015 organized by Daachi Foundation kicked off at Tolinton Heritage museum, The Mall Lahore for three days. Pakistan’s fascinating range of arts and crafts were showcased which provide people opportunity to examine and explore their stories and history from all corner of the country.shubinak-ebuzztoday (4)

For the success of any culture initiative it is important to empower its main player. The empowerment of the craft people should be prioritized. This vision has been adopted by Daachi Organization for the revival and promotion of our traditional crafts and culture

Handicrafts, from truck art to the finest piece of pottery, artifacts, textiles, jewelry, pottery, furniture, paintings, books and food items have been displayed at around 80 stalls.

People showed interest in this cultural event large number of audience were there to support the preservation and promotion of traditional Crafts of Pakistan.

Shubinak, a well-known Pakistani brand who brings Chitral culture to urban parts of the country with wide variety of hand-woven, hand-made and hand-crafted products which has been put on sale at the exhibition for the love of Pakistani artisanship. These included women and men apparel, handbags, jewelry, scarves and winter wear.

Another brand that grabbed our attention is UnnuSullee who showcased their extensive range of kids wear for boys and girls from the age of two to twelve. They also offered bags, scarves, caps and hats. All of the products by UnnuSullee have been crafted to fulfil the comfort and fun needs of little angels.shubinak-ebuzztoday (3)

Shubinak & UnnuSullee are our pick of the brands at Daachi Arts Exhibition. Not only their genuine, handmade clothes, embroidered textiles, jewelry and

artifacts from Chitral makes them special, they also contribute to the well-being of women who do not have many income opportunities and also help protect the environment. The recent earthquake in Pakistan hit Chitral valley left many people homeless, and we noticed that Shubinak & UnnuSullee already donated 10% of their earning to the people of Chitral. Their CEO Muiz Farooq is still there to show support in this crucial time.shubinak-ebuzztoday (1)

While talking to media Daachi Foundation’s Ayesha Noorani said, the event was aimed at promoting cultural heritage and ideology of Pakistan. The foundation held a grand mela in 2011 and since then it has regularly been holding Arts and Crafts Exhibitions annually. Moreover, she said that the foundation had conducted a craftsmen’s workshop and a survey trip to Uzbekistan.

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There was a huge variety of handicrafts as well. Ambreen Fatima from Rawalpindi was exhibiting colorful dolls and door bells. Hadia Khan’s stall offered organic soaps, lotions and hair oils. Shafqat from Sialkot was exhibiting handmade ladies bags. Visitors had a great experience in spending their time in buying unique handmade products. The core purpose of this exhibition was to help local artisans realizing their potential and improve their standard of living through self-sufficiency.

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