Curl up your locks in creative ways

Curls can make hair look voluminous and stylish. Reach out for papers and tongs to make your hair curly.

Make-up expert Ishika Taneja shares how to curl your hair in different ways:

* Tong curls: Wash your hair and let them dry completely. Create sections and put a heat protection spray and comb out. Wrap a section over the tong and let the steam out, keep it for around 20 seconds. You can set the tong on the temperature between 180-220 degrees. Then take a second section and wrap it in opposite direction over a tong. This will give a bounce to the hair. When done, settle it with a fixing spray.

* Paper bag curls: Wash and towel dry the hair and spread mousse evenly on the strands. Cut thin long strips of paper and wrap sections of your hair in the inward direction. After folding all the sections, tie the edges of strips to keep them intact. Paper strips will soak the wetness, making hair completely dry. Open the knots to get spiral curls.

* Slicked out curls: Apply mousse on washed and dry hair. Brush them out and make thin sections. Twist your hair and put a rubber band on the tip or twist it till you get a tiny bun, secure it with the bobby pin. Blow dry or let them dry till you take a nap. Remove the pins when dried completely.

* Out-of-the-bed curls: Wash your hair. Take equal amount of serum and mousse and mix them well. Apply the mixture evenly on head and comb properly and then scrunch your hair.

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