Culture and fashion combined for a new hot trend


Pakistani fashion industry is striving to mark their place with our cultural heritage of fashion on the international level with not just our trendy shalwar kameez or choori daar pajama, but symbols of pure Pakistan. Our fashion industry has been introducing fashion in many ways but fashion of our background is joy to watch and wear with vibrant color and different patterns of either flowers or trucks! Yes trucks!

In our many latest fashion shows many designers styled their outfits by adding symbols of trucks, autos, cycles and different birds. This trend is so hot and happening and is being followed by many, young girls are demanding for such styles, where girls would only like to wear western are now given this trend a go.

You can grab yourself a kurtta of such design and wear it with shalwar or pants. A simple neon colored shirt with just one symbol of things mentioned above can make a huge difference in your style, it not only promotes fashion but our culture and heritage that is being followed from ages, when this trend is being showcased on the international fashion ramps it is easy for us to stand out because our trend is the best it’s the main identity of Pakistan.

The main focus of the Pakistani fashion industry nowadays is the fusion of our different culture that comes from Punjab, Sindh and other areas not forgetting the flowy Mughal frocks that were a huge hit in 2010 and 2011 the fashion trends and culture of Pakistan has gained appreciation and positive reception from the fashion lovers around the globe. And as far as the bridal creations are concerned Pakistani fashion industry is doing an outstanding job as far.

We are honored to turn our culture into fashion for our new generation to enjoy it with a different perspective, the positivity and love that has been witnessed is enough to say Pakistan Zindabad!

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