Criticism and audience response to the first web series of Pakistan: Fahad Mustafa take on Enaaya!

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As the new trend has hyped up of web series all across the globe so how would Pakistani Industry stayed back from the emerging era far different from the movies and dramas. Keeping the excellence of Pakistani Content intact, Wajahat Rauf a top notch director has taken initiative to start off a web series named ENAAYA that has taken every one by storm. Starring the most reliable actress Mehwish Hayat as Enaaya, the character herself is portraying the issues that most of the youngsters of today are facing primarily related to family dissonance and peer pressure. The content of the web series revolves around the negative take towards the society, use of abusive languages and how these hurdles are affecting the mentality of youth predominantly.

The Enaaya is prone to be an ace musician that tends to group up with college band lead by Azfar Rehman and other members include Asad Siddique. Under the banner of Eros, the web series has been offered to wajahat Rauf and he did his part brilliantly by bringing forth the exemplary content witnessed in his recent hits Karachi se Lahore and Lahore se agay! It is hard to accept Mehwish hayat and azfar Rehamn as the college going student but it turns out to be humongous as they nailed their roles completely without diminishing the essence of the character.

As we have watched the first episode of the series, it doesn’t mean we can judge the storyline coming up in the next episodes. Keeping our fingers crossed, as Mehwish hayat tweeted that it is much more than just the use of abusive language by the characters but also a mirror to the society what is actually happening in our young generation and we are not falsifying it! In our opinion, to some extent mehwish Hayat’s stance on the criticisms received for Enaya is justified but we would be disagreeing on the fact that it should be so bluntly showcased on the platform where it can be reached to the millions of people and show the pessimistic side of youth! Still grab loads of appreciation on various grounds due to its distinctive portrayal of content if we are not being typical!

Recently Fahad Mustafa tweeted about the web series and short story dramas on internet right after its first episode and most of the people have targeted it to the Enaaya. He doesn’t count the content with nudity and abusive language as appropriate or should be called a porn. Well, that’s a big statement! But it has been elaborated further by the renowned actor that he was not criticizing Wajahat Rauf or Enaaya he was pointing out the international content that has spoiled the culture of Pakistan to be exact!

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