Crimson Tide of Love!

By Marian Sharaf Joseph


It isn’t difficult expressing love these days especially with Valentine’s Day around; Balloons, Teddy, Chocolate, Roses are all set to make perfect V-day gift as we have accepted – but the question remains, “Are these enough to prove true love?”

There’s more to true love than chocolates and roses. True love is as explained in Hollywood blockbuster The Notebook – ‘The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more; that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.Valentine’s Day’s is tribute to a sacred bond of love we develop for our significant other; and an exquisite expression of love is sure to strengthen the bond.

Valentine’s Day marks an affectionate season that welcomes new beginnings, hope and expectations to further deepen love. A gift that lasts longer makes a memento for lifetime. Coloring your home in hues of love is an everlasting trademark that would have deep impact on your loved one. Traditionally, red is a color associated to Love, and incorporating Red in your upholstery is a quick solution to revamp the look and feel of your home.

With summers approaching, a Red wall will only add discomfort to the ambiance. Many of us forget Valentine’s Day is a day for colors since it’s from now on nature embraces the world in its hue to welcome spring – and colors inspired by nature create tranquil serenity at home.

There is a huge palette to choose from. Red for Passion, Pink for calming, joyous love, Violet for magical, mysterious love, Blue for sincere love, Green for balanced, healthy love, Yellow for wise and happy love and Orange for warm, vital, creative love and fascination.

A Purple or Lavender color such as Master Paint’s Soft Violet 44 for focus wall in the lounge serves as a welcoming note and reminder that you fell in love with your significant other at first sight. It also symbolizes enchantment and originality. Compliment the room with light yellow curtains that present a “Welcome Back” sentiment when your loved one returns home from work — it also speaks of joy and friendship as in “Tie a Yellow Ribbon ‘Round the Old Oak Tree.”

Coral is the color of desire. Its best suited for the room where you love spending quality time. A coral colored ceiling such as Master Paint’s Coral 5052 gives a calm feeling of warmth.  Peach accents in the drawing room express sincerity, gratitude and modesty while yellow and orange complimented with brown boosts appetite – and it’s dining together that keeps love forever young.  A combination of Crimson and Yellow such as Master Paint’s Crimson 10 and Basanti 59 are celebratory colors, and a dash of this combination in the patio offers cheers and compliments. It would serve as a goodwill gesture wishing your loved one good luck whenever he/she steps out of home.

It’s rather fun to have your loved one paint the house with you. By doing so you’re not only celebrating Valentine’s Day but it comes as an expression of dreams you are painting for future. It foretells of strong bonding, eternal and true passion. Stir it with laughter, warm embraces and paint love for it will never wear off.

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