In Conversation with Saheefa Jabbar khattak

Tell us about your background

So since everybody is familiar with my name Saheefa Jabbar khattak , I belong to a pathan family, people have been asking me recently why I don’t look Asian completely and why do I have Arab features and to answer to that, my great grandparents are Palestinians . I was a student in BNU doing my BS in Business Economics, my grandfather was in the army and my dad and I were deeply in love with numbers, we both are very passionate about math.

What are you passionate about in terms of your career and personal life?

Everyone wants to make it big and so do I, I just believe that an empowered woman is needed to bring a bigger change in our society, and having a massive professional career would not harm a woman’s personal life and maintaining that balance is essential.

Some of the major challenges you have faced in your life which you think has changed your perception on life

I have always been pampered, praised and loved but that was never enough for me on a personal level, I wanted to achieve more, do better and that is something I have always craved. I can’t function if I’m not appreciated, and I strive for motivation. I am a really honest person and if my honesty is questioned or tested that really breaks me. I was told there were certain barriers women can’t cross and I really wanted an honest answer to why! Life is challenging, it’s not always smooth, it’s like a sea, sometimes waves are too rough and sometimes to mellow and calm.

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How has it been working with Nishat for the past year?

Well! Nishat and Shani bhai made me who I’m today. Both are like family to me. Shani bhai is like an older brother to me. When he called me up for nishat, I knew at the very moment he can never think wrong for me. With Nishat it’s exploring yourself every day.

They say travelling is the best way to find yourself, what are your thoughts?

Haha! Indeed. I have found this very calm side of me though, this Saheefa is learning every day, with every trip, the best thing about travelling is you are out of the shell of wanting things which aren’t even necessary for a happy life.

What are some of the things still left in your bucket list that you want to cross off?

I want to start doing photography again, I want to visit every inch of the world and photograph it, and since I was a kid I always wanted to work officially for National Geographic as their photographer. It is still a wish, one day! I also want to start my NGO, I have this idea of importing clothes, selling them off for a profit for a greater cause.

We can really see a fun, young feel to the Nishat campaign, how do you think it is different than the rest in the market?

It’s not photo shopped importantly!

Nishat recent campaigns is about the Pakistani woman from all walks of life, it’s a connection between a normal college or school going girl, we have working class, we have students, we have artists and hijaabi’s. No campaign ever showed a girl with hijaab who is a great artist and her hijaab or peer pressure didn’t stop her from showcasing her talent.

How do you feel you have grown in the past year being an influencer for Nishat

I have learnt patience. I got the chance to explore myself, my goals are more clearer, I was associated to a platform which made my good repute.

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What is your life motto?

To be a source of hope in the world.

What is the advice you would give to the other girls out there.

You might think everything has ended, you are alone, you are not enough, may be it was your fault, may be you should die. But! Remember!  NO ONE has any right to choose your happiness for you, find what you are good at, work on it and keep working hard, no one dies for anyone, struggle every day to die a better death, a memorable death, work hard to not be an ordinary person. One day there will be so many people looking up to you, be a ray of hope in the world.

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