Coke Studio, Season 10 Episode 7


by Zaira Nayyar

The seventh installment of Coke Studio, Season 10, brings with it four amazing new lyrical masterpieces to add to its roster this year.

Sajjad Ali makes a swift and much-awaited comeback with his gem, “TeraNaam”. This song takes us on a meticulous journey through the three phases of life in the enchanting and breathtaking story-telling of Sajjad Ali.

AimaBaig and ShujaHaider do a phenomenal duet in the Strings-produced musical masterpiece – Baanware. The duo go back-and-forth with their lyrical conversation as the track proceeds to mesmerize with its majestic notes.

Going in solo, Shafqat Amanat Ali takes the stage to sing “MaulaTera Noor”. This, yet another, Strings-produced song beautifully depicts the struggles of the soul to find light and peace in an endless journey through time.

The episode ends with a beautiful tribute-piece. Ali Hamza and Ali Zafar sing the Junaid Jamshed tribute, “Us Raah Par”, in a beautifully-etched melody that brings out the emotions settled with the icon’s loss. Their duet deserves a standing ovation for creating such a work of art in the form of music. Produced by Strings, this song mirrors Junaid’s iconic sound without tempering with its beauty and originality.

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