Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 5- The episode which touched our hearts


We all know that coke studio has changed a lot. I think with episode 5, strings has made a good comeback. This episode had few really good songs and people are appreciating them all over the world.

The beautiful nazm “Bol” of the revolutionary poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz,  was sung by our great singer  “Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan.” We all love and respect each and every word of our legendry poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz.  The lyrics of this song are blissful, but overall this song didn’t make us very happy. I think Shafqat like always did a great job with soulful voice but somehow the direction and composition of this song was not very appealing. The song was too slow and did not have that captivating feel.

Attaullah Esakhelvi  never fails to impress us ever. Few of our favorite songs from coke studio has always included his songs.

The song “ sab maya” sung by Attaullah Esakhelvi and his son Sanwal Esakhelvi . The song was Produced and Directed by Strings and Music was Directed by Shuja Haider .

We would like to appreciate quality of his son’s  enchanting voice.  This Duo got successful and really touched our heart with this soothing and passionate song about love and money.  We would highly recommend listening to this song on repeat, because that’s what we are doing.

After getting a little disappointed from the last song of Rahat Fateh Ali khan, I think Rahat Fateh Ali khan has outdone himself  with his melodious voice in this episode.  “Rungrez” modern sufi song sung very beautifully by him.  The meaning of this song  had an essence to take to a very special place while listening to it.  We loved the table and shehnai in the background and the beautiful lyrics,  all the praises for the Music Directed “Sahir Ali Bagga” and Lyricist  “Sajid Gul”

There was another song “ Ujalon main” sung by Faiza Mujahid and Faraz Anwar. Faraz Anwar was also the composer of this song.  This song had a modern touch  with the  touch of rock music. We would not say that we cant stop listening to song, it was a bit average song. But it could be listened once.  Music Direction was done by “ Jaffer Zaidi”. One thing we liked about this song is  Faiza’s voice quality, but we are not really a big fan of this song.

Overall, this episode was not a disappointment and we got to hear few good songs. Our personal favorite from this song was “Sab maya”.  But obviously everyone got their on taste in music.

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