Coca-Cola’s latest drink would make you ROAR out loud for sure: #Roarlikealion

Coca-Cola has undoubtedly made its mark as the most promising beverage of all times. On top of that, introduced exemplary products in the market that are cherished by clientele. Keeping the quality finest, Coca-Cola has always lived up to our expectations. It has launched another drink that has gotten everyone’s attention and raised the standard of beverage in Pakistan, Roar is as striking in taste as it sounds!!#roarlikealion

Phenomenal packaging, daring slogan and citrus flavored drink, Roar is making waves in terms of taste and excellence. Breaking the norms, this beverage has elevated the stature via it’s luscious flavor and jaw dropping wrap. We can see illuminated billboards of Roar in the major cities of Pakistan and became a choice of millions within short span of time. Due to its unique bottle packaging, amazing taste and dazzling image of lion on the bottle have made it somewhat distinctive yet appealing.

This summer just got better by the launch of this drink as it brings certain edge to our taste buds. Tantalized by the burst of flavors, Roar has made all swooning over it. Dare to roar like a lion by embracing the energy intact in this drink!

Roar is definitely a drink of new generation as it caters all the aspects that are necessary to accentuate the sense of power and energy.

Time to shed away all the fears and let the beast unleash!!


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