Club-X Launch @ Leisure Club Flagship Store

photography by Zohaib Ali Raja

15 years since Its inception, Leisure club surely has come a long way. “It all started from a small store in shadman market Lahore – where LC opened up in 1997” says General Manager Omer chaudry proudly. And indeed, chaudry has much to pride himself on as his brand has now evolved into Pakistan’s largest family fashion destination, boasting 58 stores across Pakistan. It is a local success story and a story not many others in the Pakistani market can tell. Chaudry maintain that leisure club’s long track record of being the no.1 choice of products in services is due solely to an unwavering commitment to the founding business value: Quality, Integrity, Compassion, & Ingenuity. It is strict adherence to these values, he adds, that have been the perfect recipe for success.

A particular catalyst for Leisure Club’s success was the launch of its sub-brand Club X in 2005. Right from the get-go, Club X’s trendy urban wear for  teens and adults was spotted on the fashion horizon, heading in the consumer’s general direction at what appeared to be speed equal to breakneck cool. It did not fail to disappoint this season either with smoky charcoal grays and sleek blacks meeting ultra classy jackets, sweaters, dirty denims and knits, at terminal velocity. It is in this vein the Club X announced its arrival at Vogue Towers on M.M Alam road on Friday 25th of November. The night was made even more special by unforgettable live performance by musicians Jimmy Khan, Qurtulain Baloch, Quadram and stand-up comedian Danish Ali. The overall experience of the night managed by jBnJAws Productions ensured that CLUB X lived up to its blog tag line: Brace For Impact.