Christian Bale advised Robert Pattinson regarding Batman Film!

The Batman director revealed what advice Christian Bale, who played Batman three times, had for Robert Pattinson on the new Batman film.

The Batman director revealed Christian Bale’s advice to Robert Pattinson on the upcoming Batman film. Bale famously starred in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, which received widespread acclaim. Bale played a grounded Bruce Wayne/Batman, constantly battling his internal struggles and eventually finding an inner strength to overcome whatever obstacle he may be facing, whether it was the Joker or Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Bale’s portrayal of the role is now almost the standard-bearer for this generation of fans, and everyone who takes on the Batsuit is inevitably compared to him.

Warner Bros.’ next iteration of the iconic DC vigilante comes in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which has Pattinson as the Batman. Unlike past projects, like Nolan’s Batman Begins, Reeves’ film will not be an origin story, as it will look at Batman in his second year as the caped crusader and how he is still finding his footing as the Batman. A new trailer for The Batman was released during DC FanDome, which also highlighted the darker, noir feel of this detective-style story of Gotham’s hero. The trailer also helped establish that Pattinson’s portrayal of Batman is different from Bale’s, but the new Bruce Wayne still received some tips from The Dark Knight star.

As amusing as the tale is that Bale’s advice to Pattinson was regarding being able to go to the bathroom, it seems to be an important message for the actor to continually pass down to future Batman stars. Ben Affleck, who was the first Batman post-Dark Knight Rises, revealed that Bale told him to make sure the suit has a zipper, as he had to go through three films as Batman without a zipper. Regardless of the advice, it’s always nice to hear Bale help people taking on the same role he is now forever attached to, and of course, the actor will see both Pattinson and Affleck’s Batman in the future as the latter will now be a part of The Flash film.

The Batman will hit theaters in October 2021, and The Flash, which also features Michael Keaton’s version of the Dark Knight, has a release date of June 2022. Unfortunately for some fans, they will not see Bale join the bandwagon and become Batman once again, but it’s nice to see the star continue to offer words of wisdom and ensure that Pattinson can comfortably “relieve” himself while filming The Batman

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