Chitral Cultural Show and Handicrafts Exhibition

Chitral, June 21: To push the artistic and entrepreneurship skills of indigenous people of Chitral, a cultural show and handicrafts exhibition was arranged on Monday, here at Dolomoch near Chitral. Arshad

Hussain Director,Tourism Corporation of Khyberpahtunkhwa.  The event was organized by Tourism Corporation of Khyber Pukhtun Khwanand with collaboration of Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT). Individuals and local handicrafts related corporations displayed their masterpiece handicrafts, relics and local items that depicted the Chitrali sense of aesthetics. Local and foreign visitors enjoyed visiting the exhibition area.
Institute of Women Development (IWDC), Garamchisma Area Development Organization (GADO) and other entities were excited to participate and promote the Chitrali culture. Kids from various schools in Chitral passed their day visiting different exhibition stalls and browsing the local products.
The aim of the exhibition was to market Chitrali handicraft products and to attract tourists towards the unique local culture. Visitors to the exhibition area appreciated and praised the arrangements.
“Look, we have some unique relics and handicrafts skills here in Chitral. About 500 women entrepreneurs are associated with this business to earn their bread. Unfortunately, we do not have any access to national or international markets. There is a minimal government support for Home Economics here and you hardly get any chance to earn a profitable business out of the local products. But exhibitions like this, surely will give an exposure to the local entrepreneurs. We also promote our culture through these products”, said Garamchishma based woman, Miss Mehrunissa.
Tahira Bi Bi from Madaqlash also expressed her feeling about how excited she was participating in the exhibition. She said, in her locality, Madaqlasht, there are hundreds of women who create wonderful handicrafts and need an attention like this.