Chhalawa or the legend of Maula Jatt: Which one is worth waiting for??

Pakistani cinema has been revolutionized predominantly in recent years and we are more than proud to accomplish this stature of successful hits. Apart from the stupendous storyline and excellent acting chops curating at the larger canvas. In the realm of some exemplary yet fascinating stuff paving their way straight to our hearts via exceptionally talented actors and directors, we are in a fit to choose one movie from the top 2 most anticipated movies!

Chhalawa or the legend of Maula Jatt??

Let’s find out!!

Movies that are creating news even now and then owing to their trailer launches and stunning star cast that has elevated the moods of movie lovers!!


Recently launched it’s trailer with a star studded event that raised the hopes of expectations high by its distinctive name and flawless songs that has further highlighted the film’s stature. Mehwish Hayat who has recently achieved an honorary award from the government for her immaculate performance in all these years, is going to be in lead role of Chhalawa. The event of it’s trailer launched observed Humayun Saeed, Aamna Ilyas, Saqib Malik, Shahroz Sabzwari, Sana Fakhar, Syed Jibran, Bushra Ansari, Behroz Sabzwari, Javed Sheikh also attended the launch to show their support an dluck for forthcoming movie!

Asad Siddique and Zara Noor Abbas are having their debut this movie, it would be a sheer treat for the movie lovers and specially their fans to have them sharing a screen!

This is what filmmaker had to say about the movie and details on the recent event

“We knew that The Legend of Maula Jatt and Wrong no. 2 are releasing on Eid ul Fitr, however, I believe that a film is destined for a certain amount of business and it will do that much regardless of the competition. So, I hope it will do well.”

Another interesting fact is that the director of the movie that has given successful hit in past few years, has his son on board as well and he is going to be an eminent part of it!

We simply can’t ignore the eye catchy performance of Mehwish Hayat in the song and you won’t want it to be missed as well!

The Legend of Maula Jatt:

One of the most controversial yet anticipated of all times by Pakistanis and yeah across the border too! Got most of its publicity beforehand owing to its star studded cast and the emerging controversies, we can say the film is already a HIT!! Just saying. Talking of it’s hit, the film revolves around the gandassa culture that we had previously witnessed but it would be somewhat not at all what we expecting. We are not saying the director of the movie Bilal Lashari tweeted, have a look!

With all the confusion and false stories coming up I’d like to make some clarifications.

It is NOT Maula Jatt ‘2’.

It is NOT a ‘Sequel’.

It is NOT a ‘Remake’

If you are looking forward to have another exciting news about the movie which is kind of indicating towards the perfection curated by Bilal Lashari for the film! The director stresses the actors to gain some weight in order to gain that ultimate look of Punjabis and beefed up look has been attained by the actors whole heartedly!

The movie is again in HOT waters?

Rumours has it that the movie is postponed but here are certain speculations regarding the delay of its release!

1. It would be clashing with Salman Khan’s Bharat on Eid ul fitr.

2. Wrong no.2 and maula jatt are Pakistani movies that are going to be released on same date but it could divert the attention.

3. Last but not the least or may be the authentic one, the prior controversary revolving around the movie would be sorted out on April 25th ( Bahoo films has challenged the movie because of its copyright issue)

Nevertheless, we are keeping our fingers crossed and anxiously waiting for their release as it would ultimately be Pakistani Film Industry’s success no matter which one gets hit! In our opinion we are more prone to grab our seats booked in advance for Maula Jatt as it has our all time favourite couple going to reunite again on big screen!

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