Charlie Sheen paid out $5 million to ensure no one revealed his diagnosis, HIV

Two and a half men star Charlie Sheen has been revealed as the Hollywood “megastar” who has been secretly battling HIV. According to the Daily Mail, the star has become a recluse and is now rarely seen in public.

Other reports claim Sheen paid out $5 million to ensure no one revealed his diagnosis. The actor is set to go public with his battle on a TV. Also, Hollywood websites are now abuzz with claims Sheen was involved in “high risk sex practices”, often paying pornstars upto $30,000 a night to “hang out” with him at private parties.

These parties were so secret, Sheen even had guests sign strict non-disclosure forms. Guests also had to leave their phones behind.

“I know he doesn’t like to leave his house — he’s like a recluse. He has a full security team. So when he has girls come over you start out in the garage — that’s where the command post is with the security team,” a top Hollywood pornographer was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Another source revealed how “messed up” Sheen’s lifestyle has become. “Charlie’s been smoking crack since at least 2010. This hasn’t slowed down since then. Within the last six months his health condition is not good. He’s skinny, pale, he doesn’t get out in the sun — he looks unhealthy. He has bandages on him, he’s bleeding and he has band aids all falling off — he just looks like a mess,” the source said.

The source also detailed how Sheen goes about “hiring” girls for his parties. “He finds girls on Twitter, then he pulls that one girl in and he uses her as a resource to find other girls in the business. He will email them a list of girls and guys that he likes and he says, ‘Whoever you can get me off this list — male porn stars, female porn stars — I will pay you. This is your task’.” There’s also an allegation Sheen had multiple sex partners after he was diagnosed with HIV. “Charlie had sex with multiple partner since learning his HIV status without informing them of his deadly HIV infection,” the National Enquirer claimed.

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