Celebrities in dire need of energy take their frustration to social media


Have you seen the #SwitchedOff hashtag on Facebook recently and noticed how some of our favorite celebrities have switched off from different things that they love doing?

Maybe it’s the sweltering heat that is eventually catching up to them but it seems like some of them are just giving up. This is something extremely rare that has never been seen before as many well-known celebrities have posted on their Facebook that they have switched off.

Mehreen Syed has posted “So done with my phone! Time to switch it off! #SwitchedOff”,

Feroze Khan has posted “I no longer have the energy to go to the gym. #SwitchedOff”.

Anoushey Ashraf said “I can’t think these days, it’s like my brain is #SwitchedOff”.

Mehwish Hayat said “I’m so done with my morning jog routine #SwitchedOff”,

Further Shazia Naz posted a status saying “It’s so dull and gloomy these days. In dire need for a spark. #SwitchedOff”.

The talented Hina Altaf posted “No more interviews people! Adios! #SwitchedOff”

Minal Khan posted “Hibernation time. Going to switch off from the world for some time! #SwitchedOff”.

Too add to the above, Ayesha Omar also posted a status saying “I’m officially done with this unbearable summer heat! Can’t take this anymore! #SwitchedOff”

Khalid Malik the famous RJ posted a picture of himself on Instagram saying “the whole week feels like a Monday, in need for dire energy. I feel like I am #SwitchedOff.

All these celebrities have left their fans in a shock, who expressed their concern through commenting on the status posts and asking them about it.

What we can’t quite figure out, is that why are they all switching off from these simple things they all usually do. Maybe this is a way to take a step back from their busy schedules and get organized or it is also possible that they might need some time off from things in general. However either way it is still very shocking and interesting at the same time to understand what actually is going on here.

Taking a look at all these celebrities posting #SwitchedOff, one thing is clear that the energy levels all overall the country have been definitely dropping down for everyone. It seems as these celebrities require a strong boost of energy to help them bring back their vigor. This is one way of interpreting it but we would love to know what our readers think about this new thing going around town.

At this point nothing can be said about why the celebrities are switching off or whether they will continue with their switched of activities anytime soon but we cannot wait for what this #SwitchedOff story will unfold further.

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