Celebrities are aghast over the news of You Tube ban in Pakistan!

Pakistani celebrities are raising their voices against the possible ban of You Tube in Pakistan. We are all well-aware of the fact that many informative, productive and entertaining content is available on You Tube and many ace You Tubers are making hefty money out of it. Supreme court has recently hinted towards the ban of You Tube in Pakistan that has created havoc on social media as many people depends on this application. There are many channels on You Tube that are actually creating mass awareness and educating them. Not only celebrities, twitteratis are not in favor of You Tube ban and showcasing their opinion regarding the matter. It’s not the first time You Tube has been banned, there was three-years ban on You Tube in previous decade. Many people are considering it a step towards stone age as we would be facing difficulties in going along with the rest of the world consequently. Amid the ongoing pandemic, when several have turned to the video platform for entertainment or blogging and or even online learning, the Supreme Court has hinted at banning it again. 

“We have no objection to freedom of expression,” remarked Justice Amin. “Our salaries are paid from the money of the people, they have the right to raise questions on our decisions and our performance,” he said. “But the Constitution also grants us the right to privacy,” he added, elaborating on how the family members of the judiciary come under scrutiny, particularly on YouTube.

Pakistani celebrities including Mehwish Hayat, Zara Noor Abbas, Osman khalid Butt and Areeba Habib are furious over this news and shared their opinion valiantly;

Mehwish Hayat

Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui

Many celebrities have started off their own vlogs and YouTube channels and are not at all happy about this decision.

Here is what twitteratis have to say;


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