Celebrate the Beauty of Curvy Body

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The advertising agencies might make you think that you are never slim enough. However, don’t forget that Marylin Monroe was not size zero yet she has been ruling hearts for decades.

Sleek and slim figure might have been a rage few years back but now the sensibilities of the world are again shifting their focus. Slimness is no longer a criterion to look great.





Whether a woman is petite or has an ample figure she can always accentuate her curvy figure through the selection of right and good clothes. The right accessories and dresses would help any women flaunt her curvaceous figure with confidence.
Curves are what make women look gorgeous, so one must stop aspiring for an impossible slimness and rather concentrate on giving one’s curves a chance over diets. The selection of the right dress for one’s body shape is the key to embracing and celebrating one’s curves.
Whether looking for an evening dress or a dress for meetings there are a few basic principles of clothing that must be followed for choosing the right fit. Following are some basic essentials for having a perfect dress fit:

  • Never nod to necklines:

Necklines are first important points of reference for curvy women. It should never be simply overlooked. V necklines are deep impressions and must be preferred over geometrical necklines of squares.
Also necklines which are decorated with beading of bright colors are also eye catching and demand attention.

  • Shape of the outfit:

Dress should be according to the shape of the body. Shape of dress makes a huge difference in personality. One must always choose that dress which suits on her and also enhance her personality. Dresses made of heavy fabric too will stand out and give one a smooth shape.

  • Preferable patterns and tried prints:

Most curvy women would look even bloated in large prints as they tend to swallow one up. The larger and taller a woman is the more suited do these prints are on her appearance. One must go for vertical patterns and stripes which will give one appearance of being leaner and much longer.
Horizontal patterns just end up making one look wider and short. If choosing a two tone dress, go for one with a lighter colors upper half and darker color lower half. The lighter half will attract attention of people whereas the darker half would camouflage undesirable bumps. These kinds of dress will emphasis one’s face and chest rather than the lower half of the body.

  • Length too matters:

A knee length dress will highlight the calves and must be worn if one has calves worth showing off. Dresses above knee level are in danger of revealing the thighs too much but dresses slightly shorter than knee level will do magic on one’s appearance.
Long dresses have slimming effect on one’s figure but bold prints still should be avoided. It is advised to opt for bright, festive dresses with just one shoulder as they will highlight one’s curvy figure and give an elongated look to one’s body. Combinations must be preferred over prints.

  • The style of one’s pants and jackets:

A well fitted jacket when paired with good pants with flat fronts is ideal for curvy women. The jacket again must follow the previously outlined pattern of highlighting the slimmest section of one’s waist.
The flat fronted trousers would help in smoothing the bulges and help highlight one’s hips the jacket must not be very tight or even very loose fitting. One should be able to button it comfortably without stretching it too much against one’s bustling but it should at the same time not be shapeless in appearance.

  • Trouser for curvy figures:

Trouser with flare at bottoms balance out one’s figure and create a slimmer look. Curvy women should never go for tapering jeans as they make legs appear smaller and give one a bulky appearance to one’s lower half of the body.
Curves are not curses that most women today carry rather they are boons in disguise. Since ages only women with ample assets and curves have been considered beautiful.