‘Cara’ by Imran Ikhlaq and Mustafa Shakil at PBCW 2012

‘Cara’ by Imran Ikhlaq and Mustafa Shakil has Latin and Irish origins and means ‘Beloved’ in Latin and ‘Friend’ in Irish. Hence ‘Cara’s brand philosophy combines both these meanings and means ‘Beloved Friend’.

Cara infuses a timeless, majestic and charismatic classicism to its ensembles. “Cara” offers a wide, vibrant colour therapy that removes all depression, stress and worries and uplifts the spirit. Cara celebrates richness and desires to seek graceful sensuality. Cara’s custom-made and ready-to-wear lines focus on the cut, colour, drape and feel of the garment, making the brand a one-of-a-kind specialty in today’s couture industry. Each creation of Cara is gently handcrafted to perfection and care with meticulous attention in detail. Cara represents charisma, confidence, reliability, elegance, sensuality and timelessness.

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