Bruce Lee’s Yellow jumpsuit sells for $100,000?

Bruce Lee

The yellow jumpsuit worn by martial arts film star Bruce Lee in his final film has sold for $100,000 (£61,000) at an auction in Hong Kong.

The polyester black-striped garment still has a zip damaged in a fight scene, auction house Spink said.

Lee died in 1973, aged 32, before final film Game of Death was completed.

The jumpsuit, which made three times its estimate, was part of a collection of Lee memorabilia which fetched $258,000 (£157,000).

Other items that were snapped up included the star’s nunchaku – a pair of wooden lacquered sticks connected by a length of cord – one of the prop weapons used by Lee in his final screen outing.

They were designed to match his yellow jumpsuit.

British collector George Phillips successfully bid $70,000 (£42,700) for the nunchaku, calling it an “iconic item”.

A green bamboo stick used by the star was another item of martial arts weaponry which sold at the auction.

Another auction of props from the Lord of the Rings trilogy took place in California, making a total haul estimated at more than $1 million (£611,325).

The item which attracted the biggest bid was a double-headed axe used by dwarf character Gimli, which made $180,000 (£110,000).

That was followed by a Hobbit-sixed sword used by Frodo, played by Elijah Wood, which fetched $156,000 (£95,365).

The haul was derived from a private collection, second only in size to Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson’s own official archive, according to auction house Julien’s.

Bruce Lee
A sample of Bruce Springsteen’s handwritten lyric sheet

Completing the auction action was the sale of singer Bruce Springsteen’s handwritten draft of his 1975 hit song Born to Run.

A lyric draft, made a year previously, sold for $197,000 (£120,430) at Sotheby’s in New York.

Most of the work on the draft was unpublished and unrecorded, but contains “a nearly perfected chorus”, according to the auction house.

Written on a sheet of ruled notepaper in blue ink, the manuscript contains some “enigmatic” margin notes, with words including “angel” and “velocity”.

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