BROOMSTICKK seeks to redefine the vistas of Social Networking

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Amazing apps and features on the new social station


The popular social networking sites have almost saturated and come of age. There have been regular instances of users opting out of social networking sites for lack of innovating and “something new”. It is this need which has brought to the fore a new player, BroomstickkBroomstickk has been under the hood for more than three years. It was during this period, which saw entrepreuner Dhaval Lehri to thrash out an online social networking platform that would provide people with a whole new experience in the realm of social networking.

As per the Founder, CEO and Chief Promoter, Dhaval Laheri, “Broomstickk has been conceived not only as just a social networking site but also efforts are on to make it experientially as rich as possible using Windows 8 platform with a metro UI look and a gamut of new features, technological advancements and benefits to the user. BroomStickk is also an effort to collaborate and seamlessly synchronize social and business platforms together so that work and pleasure is all under one roof.”

Features like extensive and comprehensive mobile apps, real time dining, in built video chats, etc are absolutely new and is surely to blow people away in this space. Work with the entire strategic, creative and business think tank, helmed by Dhaval himself have been slogging at it for many years meticulously. Social Networking will touch a new chord once the user has experienced BroomStickk. With a Windows 8 platform, and a whole new set of apps, a launch plan in 153 countries, BroomStickk is going to be a whole new social networking platform to explore. For the first time, there is a dedicated music and video page for each user to enhance experiential social networking and also bring value to the user on a one single integrated platform.

With a new wave of applications which synchronize social networking with commerce, real time dining, like guaranteed hits through campaigning, a revolutionary new home page, fresh wall post for users for product visibility, and stick ads with content linked to the user’s website, BroomStickk looks well set to initiate a range of exciting new features which can take the social networking world by storm.

Moreover, Broomstickk has researched that there is a great affinity in like-minded people with similar interests. To cater to this crucial insight, there will also a “Passion Page” which would enlist several of people’s interests and passions. This will enable several people to come together online and form groups and communities. People will interact based on their common interests and Broomstickk will serve as a contact point to hold events, parties and get togethers.  With a sound business strategy, a round the clock R&D team in India and the US, and a plan to launch it in 153 countries, BroomStickk is aiming at the sky.


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