Bronze Make-Up Tips For Pakistani Girls

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Though generally classified as browns, Pakistani have a wide spectrum of skin tones. Be it rosy, deep brown or lovely golden glow, Pakistanis have got it all. If I specifically talk about Pakistanis girls, most of us usually shy away from applying bronze make-up because we carry a common notion which says that “born brown, we do not need to style up in bronze!”
The truth however is that regardless of your skin tone, bronze make-up if applied skillfully, can make you look like a natural bronze beauty in no time. Before proceeding further, it is important for you to know about the primary cosmetic product required to attain that diva-like glowing look, the bronzer. An important tip is to never apply bronzer directly to un-prepped skin because when the bronzer settles on dry skin then due to its rich colour it makes the un-exfoliated skin look dirty. Choose a particular shade and type of bronzer that suits your skin tone best without making you look unnatural.
A shimmer bronzer is preferable for summery look as it gives you a radiant finish whereas a matte bronzer contours your face and creates a sense of depth. To get a glowing bronze look, check out the following four bronze make-up tips.
 1) Foundation First
Apply foundation that is darker than your skin tone by one or two shades. A slightly darker foundation will balance your skin tone to blend well with the bronzer.
2) Bronzer Time
Apply your favorite bronzer by sweeping it across your face with an over-sized fluffy powder brush (use your fingertips if using liquid or cream bronzer). A quick trick is to sweep the brush in shape of 3 on either side of your face covering your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and also nose.
3) Create Magical Eyes
Use a bronze-brown with golden shimmer kohl to give your eyes a soft yet smoky touch by applying the kohl inside the water line as well as under the eyes. Next, apply shimmery soft brown eye shadow all over the eye lid. Softly, extend the colour around your eye and blend it into the outer corner. ADVERTISEMENT
4) Final Touches
If you are getting dolled up in bronze for a day time appearance, blush up your cheeks a little bit. Finally, apply a clear lip gloss and see your face lit up in bronze through and through. Go Lustrously Charming With Bronze!
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