It might seem like a case of dèja vu for the design team of Naz, Amber and Amna Varsy at the iconic bridal and luxury prêt retail label RESHAM REVAJ. Years ago they dressed the late Madam Noorjehan in her now legendary silk chiffon and tissue sarees and recently they provided similar vintage sarees to TV and film actress Saba Qamar for her portrayal of Malika-e-Tarannum Noor Jehan in director/ actor Sarsmad Khoosat’s period film ‘Manto.

“When Sarmad’s production team approached us to dress the talented Saba Qamar for her portrayal of Madam Noor Jehan we were very excited,” exults Amber Varsy, “We took down my mother’s vintage saree trunk because our label was around during that era when Madame Noor Jehan wore those sarees, We provided Saba with original silk chiffon and tissue sarees which are no longer in fashion and not easily available,” Amber adds.

“My outfits play a major role in my character’s development,” explains Saba. “From the jewellery to the costumes -especially the sarees – everything was just in place for me to be able to act like Madam Noor Jehan. The wardrobe really helped me to look like and reenact Madam’s mannerisms,” Saba adds glowingly.

Resham Revaj has been an arbiter of style and taste amongst Pakistan’s fashion retail scenario for over 30 years since the label’s initial inception in 1983 as ‘Resham ‘which was renowned for its quintessentially eastern bridal and evening wear. Resham was soon followed in 1989 by Revaj which offered women elegant semi-formal and ready-to-wear options.

The design team of matriarch Naz and sisters Amber and Amna apart from having dressed Madam Noor Jehan have also provided elegant wardrobes for the late Benazir Bhutto shaheed ; Nusrat Bhutto and Ghinwa Bhutto.

Resham Revaj has been beloved by brides from around the world for decades for its timeless, traditional and hand crafted pieces. In keeping up with the times and the surging demand for Prêt, the label also offers a versatile range of ready-to-wear and semi-formal pieces for women of all ages; an aesthetic buoyed by contemporary silhouettes embellished with classic details.

Resham Revaj also prides itself on offering its clientele individually-styled creations to enhance their singularity whilst infusing the label’s signature sophisticated grandeur using luxuriant fabrics, zardozi, kora dabka, mukesh and other hand embroidery techniques. The label’s presence is felt internationally with niche clients in North America, United Kingdom. Canada. South Africa and Dubai.

Resham Revaj has two neighboring outlets one for each of the twin brands based in Karachi. The team of Amna and Amber is available for custom bridal wear and evening wear appointments at their studio.

Herewith is a sneak preview of the vintage saree collection worn by Saba Qamar for the upcoming period film ‘Manto’

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