Breaking the stereotype: Pakistani Dramas are objectifying women empowerment!

Pakistani dramas has an immense power to construct anyone’s opinion and to persuade them for something lingering in our society. There was an era in which the streets used to get deserted as soon as any drama starts. The characters and story line of the dramas encompasses their social values and they can relate themselves with these roles. Our drama industry has one through many evolving phases from reality issues to the women empowerment the stories and content has been changing predominantly!

Keeping in view the social requirements and need of the hour, our dramas has inculcate many issues that have been hard to digest but still got appreciation by people as it shows the mirror of society!

Zindagi gulzar hai:

Having its fan following not only in Pakistan but across the border as well, this drama has shredded down many stereotype thinking about girls and their appearance to be exact. Merely the glamour doesn’t bring the best of you it’s the inner strength of the women that has real worth in society. Sanam saaed has performed his character so impact fully and irresistibly influential that we tend think of the artificial stereotypes we have made in our mind to become strong women and to play powerful role in society. Fawad Khan on the other hand has been portrayed as a handsome hunk who couldn’t resist her charms and end up marrying her. 


Sanam Baloch totally justifying the women empowerment character in the best way. Despite of the worse heart break and losing her best friend she still worked on her career leaving all the emotions back.she turned out to be successful lady doctor and supported her family as well. 


A remarkably impactfull drama in a long run Baaghi had broken many records due to the skillful acting and conduct by saba qamar in pulling of this character with perfection. This drama portrays the women empowerment to the highest level as it doesn’t only objectifies the fact that women are not to suppressed by husband but also if they want to do something for their life they have strength to do it without thinking of society and also questions men that it’s not their decision to punish someone in name of honor and do whatever they want to do. This drama surely made us all ponder over the issues we tend to be accustomed of by now!

Mujhay Jeenay do:

It magnifies the strength of women that are not that much educated but still they are aware of the fact that no one can push them by the wall. Mehreen raheel played an amazing role by letting down the stereotype that sticks to women of being jealoused with each ther.her acting was quite worth appreciating whereas Nadia jameel also portrays the character in which she supports women right at every grounds.


This show is another one with inspiring female characters. The character played by Amina Sheikh, named Ayra is the opposite of the ‘perfect bahu’ stereotype. She plays a strong women that projects her opinions boldly without sacrificing her dreams for her inlaws.It highlights the right to choose, which is a right Pakistani women have to fight hard to exercise.

 Yaqeen ka Safar:

Recently finished drama which has been a hit in terms of its storyline and main purely gives the message to the women to speak out for their lives and make way towards better life which is not solemnly dependent on men. If they decide they can come out from the worst situation and not lose hope to have the best of both worlds. This drama shook our souls as we are inclined towards the fact that women should be given the best chances to improvise as a strong personality.

So it’s a sum up of the most famed dramas of Pakistani Industry that showcased the women empowerment to its greatest form. And why not, how can we just portray women to be just weak and get the ratings by making her submissive to the society. No society can evolve without influential role performed by women so it’s nice to see the change happening in our media industry as well that caters the true role of women and self-actualization!

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