Breaking norms by stating something awestruck: Mushk Kaleem garners our praises!

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We rarely see such people in the media who are not conscious about their looks and imperfections. However, many of the celebrities have taken themselves out of this mainstream concept of beauty but still it lies there somewhere. Tired of hearing photographers and designers to glamourize her more by adding whiteness to the skin tone, she stabbed them all by stating that she is so comfortable in her dark skin tone and those who have problem with that should consider her for shooting,

“No, I’m not a pearlescent white-skinned girl, I’m dusky and bronze. To all the clients who book me for shoots and then expect me to douse myself in lighter makeup to make me look ‘acceptable for lawn’, I’d rather you not book me at all,”

“My skin colour defines me, it’s who I am, so if you feel like you need to whiten me up so that I match the ‘requirements of the brief, or the shoot’ or ‘because Lahoris have issues with dark models for summer lawn’ or whatever, please don’t consider me for your shoots,” she added in the post.

“In the past few weeks I’ve had photographers and designers tell me that they’re only making my skin whiter ’cause ‘the brand can’t afford to get hate comments on luxury collections’ because ‘we need a ‘pretty’ feel for the shoot.Book me because I look good in my own skin, if you want to Photoshop and edit my face till you wash out the dark of my skin, then find yourself a fairer model. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble. Thank you.”