Brat Pitt is annoyed with her ex Angelina! We wonder WHY??

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Right from their bitter custody battles to their love life rumours, former couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie garners headlines almost every day. And now, the latest reports suggest that Brad Pitt is unhappy with the fact that ex-wife Angelina constantly takes their kids for shopping and travel trips and more.

Apparently, while Angelina Jolie is just trying to be a good mother, Brad feels that in the process she might end up spoiling them. “Brad fears Angelina is spoiling the kids. He wishes Angie would stop buying the kids stuff they don’t need. He worries the kids are growing up spoiled and he does not want them to have a sense of entitlement like everything should be handed to them,” a source

“Brad had to work hard for everything through life and wishes Angie would help instill more down to earth values in the kids instead of making everything so easy. He fears that Angie feels guilty about the divorce and is over-compensating by taking the kids shopping every weekend,” the source added.