Book Review: T’rey Kheyal Ka Chaand by Maryam Jahangir

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Title: T’rey Kheyal Ka Chaand
Author: Ahmad Hammad
Publishers: Jahangir Books, Lahore
Price: Rs. 200,
Pages: 136
Media: CD included
Anaylsis by: Maryam Jahangir
Lecturer COMSATS Institute of Information Technology LHR.


The “Redress of poetry” by Seamus Heaney is about the qualities of poetry and the role of poet himself. The book is in fact the print of those lectures which were delivered by Heaney at the University of Oxford between 1989 and 1993. In the book he finds out the ways how poetry redresses: in its original meaning of ‘redress’ giving relief and pleasure while reading it and redressing the burdens of life in metaphoric sense giving social relief. Heaney is a visionary when he says:
“…poetry where the co-ordinates of the imagined thing correspond to and allow us to contemplate the complex burden of our own experience.”
As per him poetry is not a mere documentation or prints but something imaginative which “add weight to the lighter scale (imagination)” and gives the reader to get relief. Keeping in mind Heaney’s analysis when we have a look at the poetry of Ahmad Hammad we can find out that his work fulfills the expectations of Heaney. There is a depth in his work. Starting from the title of the book ‘Tery Khyal Ka Chand’ it reflects the soft, deep colors having a black moon and a mystical figure. We can read a verse here on the title “Mukhsir baat ye hy k tery binazindagi ki smjh hi nahi aa rahi”. Very concisely the poet is telling the complexity of his life that how difficult to live, to understand the purpose of living without the presence of his beloved or interpreting it; without the presence of Almighty-the origin of love.
Coming to Seamus Heaney, he has discussed the major functions of a poet; we can see almost all those in Hammad’s poetry focusing the mentioned book. Heaney’s poet is a man of vision and moral commitment. He generates ‘hope’ and shows the “alternative world” (world of imagination) which is free of strain. As Hammad says ‘Roz-e-Ainda mein dhal ja merey beetey huey din/ Mujhey maazi kay hawaley nahin achey lagtey’. Poet is a man who creates a balance, a concept of ‘equilibrium’. When reading Hammad’s verses “mera seena …agr aatish fishan hota tu ab tk phat gya hota”(pg 128) we can find the balance in condition, ‘hope’ to sustain in the worse circumstances ‘violence within’ that could be ‘violence without’ but his poetry has enabled him to survive. This state of depression commuted into pleasure in his poem “Missed call”…thus creating harmony. It talks about his love and voicing the unsaid feelings of ecstasy related to his beloved. “jb tumhari janib sy missed call aati hy zindagi ki hr sa’at teri meri chahat kgeet gungunati hy”. As William Wordsworth asserted poetry, its truth doesn’t stand upon ‘external testimony but carried alive into the heart by passion’. Nothing around you gives value to poetry but your inside. The simple worldly item, mobile, and communication have been depicted beautifully to talk about the idea of love and his passion.
Heaney says that a poet has the quality to “recover the past, pre-figure the future and so completes the circle of being” that is the point we can see in “Richard Gabriel sy Aik Mukalma”. Here Hammad seems a visionary who has the capacity to prefigure the future. Very beautifully the two characters Richard Gabriel and Hammad, the poet himself, discuss the needs of time and abilities of Pakistanis; his land and the worth and power of poetry.
Other than Heaney’s ‘Redress’ discussing in general the few things from his poetry are as follow:
The idea of love is very much there in Hammad’s poetry. The verses of poems “Mujy tum sy muhabbat hy” and “Tumhain kaisy kahoon” are very touching and create a wave of love inside. “Sitary roshni apni brha daity hainsoraj narm kho mehboob ki soorathwa k paon dhrnay ko zameen pr dhoop ka makhmal bichata hy” and “tumhary qurb mae tu kektas sy phool jaharty haintumhary ik ishary sy tu pathar bol party hain”. The reader can sense the feelings of true love and how a ‘lover loves the difficult things’  ‘Koi Gehrey Dukhon Ki Khaai Mein Girney Hi Wala Ho/ Muhabbat Aagey Barh Kar Apni Jaanib Khainch Lati Hy. Here he seems an optimistic being, highlighting the beauty and power of love.
There is a musical quality in his poetry as well. This shows his interest and love for music. As we read the verses:
“shab o roz yad ki thaap prkoi raqs krta hy zaat mae”


“jaisy ik majzood,shab k akhari hisay mae tanhai sy ghabra krkisi k aany ki umeed bandhyby tahasha raqs krta hodmha dm dm ,dmha dm dm”
“So ab raqs krty ,jheemptay misrooN mae hal-e-dil samoota hoon…
And in another beautiful verse :
Koi tujh jaisa lagey daikheney mein laakh magar/terey malhaar sey lehjey mein kahan bolta hei!
There is the description of stark realities as well when he says “jis roz la ska na mai sikoon sy bhar k jaibmai uss din apni maa ko bhi pyara nahi lga”.(pg 125)
In the book “Teray khyal ka Chand” there are a lot of historical, Greek, biblical references, names of great men e.g. Gabriel, Socrates, Descartes, Iqbal, Romi, Joseph, Goddess of love, Ghaznavi, Guantanamo Bay, and a Persian Titled poem “Cheestan” as well which show the poet’s command on multiple areas of literature and history. He has translated one of Robert Browning’s poems also with the name ‘Malal e Subh’.
The usage of modern terms like chat, Orkut, Organ transplantation, and gadgets like webcam, mobile, are there which show Hammad is a poet of modern age.

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