Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar announces Social Media Break!

Neha Kakkar, on Monday, took to Instagram to announce that she’ll be going on a social media break for ‘some days’. Making the announcement, the singer said that for a long time she’s been trying to be happy but it’s not happening. Informing her fans that she’s ‘okay’, she said she wants to be free from hatred, nepotism, jealousy and judgements.

“Going back to sleep! Plz wake me up when there’s a better world. The world where there’s Feedom, Love, Respect, Care, Fun, Acceptance, Good People. Not Hatred, Nepotism, Jealousy, Judgements, Bossy People, Hitlers,Murders, Suicides, Bad People. Good Night!!! (sic),” Neha wrote in her post, adding, “Don’t worry I’m not dying. Loll just going away for a couple of days.”

She captioned her post as, “I’m sorry if this makes anybody feel bad! But this is what I have been feeling since a long long time but not able to say it, just trying my best to be happy but not really happening. I’m a human being and that too a very emotional one. So.. Yeh Sab.. It hurts me.. Don’t worry I’m okay.. Love you guys Specially My #NeHearts (sic).”

“Of course, I am a human being and I do feel bad about it, but after feeling bad I bounce back. I feel these people who are writing bad (things) about me are nothing but jealous people. They feel, ‘why is Neha here?’ Jo number one singer hai uske hi baare main likhengay log (they will write about the singer who is number one),” Neha asserted.”So, I understand that — I am number one that is why people talk about me and get jealous,” the Manali Trance hitmaker claimed, adding she doesn’t worry much about the haters as they are limited in number.

“Jealous people are few, and lovers are like in crores,” she said.

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