Bollywood-Hollywood Lookalikes



Rakhi Sawant & Haifa Wehbe: There are several striking similarities between Indian controversy queen Rakhi Sawant and Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe. Both have sex appeal, provocative mannerisms and an image to maintain. Not just that, they both have round faces, similar looking eyes and an oomph factor that gives one a feeling of déjà vu.




Esha Gupta & Angelina Jolie: Many have been comparing Esha Gupta to Angelina Jolie since the model-turned-actress stepped into the limelight, and it was also said that if the Lara Croft franchise were made in Bollywood, Esha would be the obvious choice to play Angelina’s role. The desi bombshell bears a striking resemblance to Brad Pitt’s partner, what with their similar face shape, structure and lips.


Sophie Choudry & Kim Kardashian: Both beauties are known for their fashion sense, but while Kim Kardashian raises eyebrows with her ability to stir up controversies, Sophie Choudry likes to stay on the down-low and remain controversy-free. Both celebs have long faces and dark, free-flowing manes, which makes them look like twins.


Tusshar Kapoor &  Phillip Rhys: Apart from the fact that they are both actors, Tusshar and Phillip Rhys also look a lot like each other. Both actors have dark eyes, are fair and have similar lips and jaw lines. The only remarkable difference is their height. While Tusshar Kapoor is 1.75 m tall, his doppelganger is 1.85 m tall.


Emraan Hashmi & Colin Farrell: Emraan Hashmi and Colin Farrell are both known for their bad-boy image. While Emraan is famous for his ‘serial kisser’ image, Colin’s rocky love life makes him stay in the news. Don’t you think they look similar with those puppy eyes? Source: Idiva Also See: Quirky Celebrity Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

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