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If you are diehard fan of Fawad Khan than for sure you have seen his Bold Body Spray commercial. Targeted towards the youth of Pakistan Bold is the first Pakistani deodorant brand launched by Hilal Group of Companies. Launched few years ago Hilal Care aimed to provide personal care products at a reasonable price. With the usage of social media, awareness of personal hygiene among young people has increased their spending on personal care products. To cater the needs of these young buyers Hilal Care launched a line of products that are well within the reach of young men. Keeping this in mind Bold body spray was introduced into the market.

Bold Body Spray is first of a kind product that is manufactured by a Pakistani company, “A Gas Free Body Spray” is different from conventional aerosol deodorant sprays as it has higher liquid to air content ratio which means that more sprays than an ordinary one. When asked to the market expert, the bold body spray have approximately 1000 sprays per bottle.

To create six variants of Bold Body Spray fragrance i.e. active, classic, energy, fresh, noir and spice top-tier scent formulation experts from the UK were brought on-board to develop a fragrance range, to start the production process Hilal Care set up its manufacturing facility in the strictly regulated industrial zones in the UAE.

Bold Body spray has been trendsetter as they introduced the only Gas Free body spray in Pakistan, they came up with another Variant, the Azadi edition specially designed to celebrate independence and defense day. Last week I spotted Azadi edition in the market and could not stop myself to buy it. The reason why I bought cuz it has patriotic appeal and I have background knowledge about the company plus it is Gas Free and for sure the bottle will last more than ordinary deodorant bottle and on top it smells good. I have tried all the variants of Bold Body spray and I like all of them but this one has something unique as I have never seen any Body spray bottle in the market that has Pakistan flag color on it which caught my attention immediately. If you haven’t tried it yet you should it is easy on pocket and you won’t regret buying one, for more product reviews stay tuned and Happy Shopping Guys.

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