Bol actress Humaima Malick Harrassed during her stay at Hotel breaching her privacy!

Humaima malick had been receiving messages from a stranger which insisted on consoling her and said they have mutual friends .Its horrifying to get  messages from a person who wanted to discuss a “business proposal” staying in next room  at 2:00 AM.He slipped his business card through the door that got her creeps.

The actress also mentioned the carelessness and mismanagement by the leading organization of the country ‘Nishat Hotel’ of not taking care of their guest’s privacy and leaking her personal;l information to anyone without consent.

She posted the screenshots on instagram as well and proclaimed that he overheard from somewhere that she was upset and thought it was a breakup.

“The hotel has ignored my concerns about being harassed by another hotel guest. They failed to take any action and make me feel safe and secure at their own establishment,” she said. “Their lack of action just goes to show just how lax their standards of hospitality, a guest’s privacy and security are.”

However the allegation is currently being reviewed by the general manager, Shahid Abbas. “We have no news of any incident being reported and whatever allegation Ms Humaima has accused the management of, is currently under review by our general manager,”

Taken into account the other reason which disturbed Humaima hotel management at Lobby  was not appreciated by Humaima as she wanted them to treat her as mere guest and was not ready for any event to hype up their publicity.

To put all this under consideration it is so not fair to breach anyones privacy regardless of the fact that the person is a celebrity and harassment of that sort should not be handled carelessly.

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