Bites and Vibes, a treat for all the Foodies


Lahori’s are always eminent for their love for food . The much anticipated Bites and vibes was successful in pampering the taste buds of all the FOODIES on 12th Novemeber at Royal Palm. This festival offered some of the finest foods that one could desire for.

The event not only celebrated the diversity of food that the city has to offer, but also managed to entertain the public by arranging musical performance by a leading brand of NCA “ Teen Taal”.  It was full of entertainment for the people with photo booths, spinng wheel , and mouthwatering food stalls, from desi Ashraf Tikka to fine sushi from Bamboo Union and delicious nutella Naan from Maro Tandoor. There is infinite variety of exquisite cuisine that catered in all kind of budgets.

It was definitely a paradise for all the Foodies with stalls of different restaurants including waffle house, Sarrak pe karrak, Gallitos, Maro Tandoor, shutup and eat, Bamboo Union, Buffalo Wings, SpoonFul,  Cravea.

Overall it was an amazing experience, a perfect place to spend some time and have fun with your family members and friends.  Considering that there are not many public events to enjoy, I think it was a great initiative by Food Panda to provide people with such an amazing opportunity to have a quality time with their loved ones with variety of food and amazing weather.

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