‘Bigg Boss’, ‘Power Couple’ all set to launch in India

After taking Israel by storm since the launch of its first season, internationally acclaimed show Power Couple is all set to hit the Indian television screens. Taking reality television a notch higher, Power Couple is now making inroads in the Indian market coming October.

They say love makes the world go round but can love also make your partner do things that they may have never thought in their wildest dreams? For the first time on Indian television, 10 hot celebrities will undergo a rigorous test of love along with their better halves. There is a lot of money at stake of your partner’s strength. The show will raise the moolah with each task.

Disconnected from the entire world, these 10 couples will be living under one roof and will be tested as they face extreme challenges to prove how well they know each other. Love, trust, patience, belief, courage, sacrifice, compromise, every factor which keeps a relationship going will be tested under the most demanding circumstances. Couples who have been living their happily ever after will be judged on their physical, emotional and mental strength making them question their vows made to each other

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