Bigg Boss Couple Tanisha and Armaan On A Romantic Getaway

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While Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon confessed their love for each other on the Bigg Boss 7 House, Tanisha Mukherji and Armaan Kohli were totally non-committal about the status of their relation, but it looks like both cannot stay away from each other.

While they were in the Bigg Boss 7 house, it was Ajaz Khan who spilt the beans on Tanisha and Armaan’s relationship and now its VJ Andy who posted these pictures from Goa, on Facebook putting a stamp on what the couple mean to each other. Andy wrote, “We are having a blast in Goa! Missing Sangram and Elli.” What’s surprising is even mom Tanuja was a part to all this.

Media speculated that the so-called affair between the duo ended with Bigg Boss 7, but then thanks to VJ Andy the pictures of the two together in Goa tell a different story. Though the much in love couple made separate plans for New Year’s Day but soon caught up with each other to spend some quality time and were spotted partying with Andy.

What’s surprising, is the fact that Tanuja welcomed Armaan with open arms. Apparently Tanuja played a perfect host and prepared a sumptuous meal for her guests at their Lonavla house and post that the couple went to Goa to spend quality time together.

When we had asked Mukherji about her relationship status she said, “About the status of my relationship with Armaan, you are a mature intelligent journalist. Please draw your own conclusions. All I have to say is that Armaan is my best friend. He has helped me inside the house and outside as well. If you have seen me in the show, I guess you know that I don’t give justifications and clarifications. So I am responsible for whatever happened on the show, but I am not going to give any clarifications about it.”

Tanisha felt that people had a preconceived notion about her, and she wanted to show them who she really was and that was the reason why she chose to enter the Bigg Boss house.

Post the show, her eyes are set on the entertainment industry. She is looking at penning down a book or is even contemplating to become a part-time journalist.

Tanisha is very clear that she is not answerable to anyone and would not want to justify or clarify her proximity with Armaan.

Well Bigg Boss has come to an end, but as they say THE SHOW MUST GO ON.