BIG BOSS 7 gets legal notice for showing ‘inappropriate content’

The words Bigg Boss and controversy are invariable part of the same sentence. Ever since the reality show was launched, it has invited criticism for being a show that cannot be watched together by a ‘family.’


Season 7 of Bigg Boss, which is currently being aired on general entertainment channel (GEC) Colors is no different from its predecessors.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has recently slapped a legal notice to the makers of Bigg Boss 7 alleging that some of the content on the show was inappropriate for “unrestricted public exhibition”.

Religious sentiments hurt
In a similar development, Hemant Patil, an activist has filed a complaint in the Magistrate Court stating that the reality show hurts the sentiments of a particular religion.

The complaint states that the teams are divided into Angels and Devils in the show. The latter carry tridents, the symbol of Lord Shiva, which according to the complainant is an insult to the Hindu religion.

Patil has also asked the police to register a case under section 295 (insulting religion) of the Indian Penal Code against the makers of the show.

Salman Khan, the Bollywood actor who hosts the show, as well as the producers of Big Boss, has been named respondents in the complaint.
The case will come up for hearing on Oct 29.

Meanwhile, Vivek Mishra, the contentious yoga guru, has joined the celebrities inside the house.

For the ones who’re not aware of Mishra, let us inform you about this new personality who’ll enter the Bigg Boss House. Well, Mishra is not well known for his yoga techniques, but is rather infamous for his nude yoga performances.

The entry is likely to add more drama to Bigg Boss.

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