Big Boss 5 to be aired from Tihar Jail

This year’s Bigg Boss 5 is planned in tihar jail as many celebrities are already there. We talked to the creative head of the show “Yes, This year we are planning to organize bigg boss 5 in Tihar. We are cutting down on studio cost to raise the prize money from 1 crore to 100 crore because of contestants like A. Raja, Kalmadi and Kanimozhi The show will be hosted by Karunanidhi an Indian Politician and master in scientific corruption. We chose Karunanidhi because there is huge possibility that he will be in Tihar before the show starts. We will also be shifting Kasab to Tihar for the show”.
We also talked to Sonia Gandhi about giving permission to host the show in jail she said “We don’t have any issue if the channel wants to host the show in Tihar because most people in there are congress people and the show might help them restore their image.”

There is a slight change of rules here;

1-The one who gets out first wins the competition. The last person to get out gets the least money from the producers.

2- Mobile phones which the Inmates are using in Tihar will be taken away.

3-The Dance steps performed by salman last year is mandatory for Karunanidhi

4-The house does not have any entertainment options or means of communication. Though Arnab Goswami’s News Hour will be aired Just to save the world.

5-Celebrities cannot leave the house once the show starts unless they are evicted through. CBI’s Clean Chit.

Do not take this news seriously. It is just a joke.

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