Best song cover ever by Nescafe Basement we would never forget!

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Led by the lead man of EP Zulfi, Nescafe Basement 4 astonishing seasons have always come up with the best of covers and original tracks that would not find its alternative what so ever. A platform that promises to bring forth the immaculate talent and underground bands to showcase their spurring skills. It has predominantly promoted music at every level in Pakistan while making it exquisite through fine innovation incorporated. Firstly we would walk down the lane of amazing melodies that has marked their names on the top of the list. Let’s dig into the songs that has engrossed us wholly by their utter mesmerizing melody.

Larger Than Life:

Prototypical of backstreet boys has been covered or we may say improvised by youngsters and the spurring talent that has gotten us enthralled by their chic voices especially the heavy voice notes. Larger than life has made us go WAAO when we listened to it for the first time it has given us goose bumps for sure. We can’t stop ourselves listening to that cover again and again.

Dhol Bajay Ga:

Skeptical about this heavy rock song sung by Meesha Shafi justified by the nescafe basement has been rectified by the ultimate voices of young talented singers. Zulfi turned this all-time favorite dance groove into fascinating yet melodious number by his tremendous sense of music.

Love Me Again:

This ever green soon garnered praises from none other than John Newman himself by a tweet and that definitely digs into the flawless talent that has finally found ground for their stupendous potential. The all girls band has nailed it completely by performing immaculately.

Pee Jaon:

Momina mustehsan collaborated with young new talent to cover this song of Farhan Saeed. Zulfi no doubt has so brilliantly created a masterpiece by adding chords and lyrics that are truly satisfying the soul and surely Farhan Saeed would admire the innovative version of this soothing yet subtle song that would take you to another dimension.

Tere Jiya hor disda:

The musical instruments incorporated in this cover song have manifested the exemplary number to the list of best songs created in Nescafe basement. The gothic yet solemn voice of the singer has taken it to the next level as it proficiently justifies the true soul of the legendary track.