Best Halloween makeovers and costumes 2019: Get inspiration from celebrities and flaunt them explicitly!

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Halloween vibes have made our evening time somewhat exciting as it has reached just around the corner. Everyone, even the well-celebrated celebrities are all geared up to don exceptional avatars to relish the Halloween moments. So many Hollywood celebrities are cherishing spooky vibes while disguising as famous characters. As extravagant as their flamboyant aura, they have been witnessed stepping out as explicit spooky characters that give us major Halloween goals to pull off this winter season. If you want a Halloween which is unforgettable, then you must pick the makeup and outfits that are exquisite and set the scary bar high this time!

This year serves us some jaw dropping characters that are perfect to imitate in order to look scary and melancholy villain around town!

Go all glitters:

For all glitter look you can get inspiration and idea from Hollywood celebrities Heidi and klum as they stepped into the Halloween party with all neon glitter and have won our appreciation.

IT fever:

Another scary character that got attention owing to its flamboyant outfit but scary smile, the character is the perfect pick to flaunt in Halloween.

Joker madness:

Movie lovers are just obsessed with this peculiar villain named Joker and wants to disguise as Joker to elevate their stature and look scary at the same time. A bit of makeup would make you look just like him without putting much effort!

Maleficent’s evil:

A fairytale character that has dazzled due to its majestic aura and vicious look, Maleficent is the suitable character to pull off and trendy as well. Use of horns, wings and valiant makeup would serve you the look you desire to flaunt in Halloween!

Mad Hatter:

Halsey recently donned this mad hatter look in a Halloween Party and we can’t get enough of this stunning diva. Pulled it off exceptionally by painting her face all white and bold red hair colour.


Turn yourself into scary doll and that would be enough to haunt your friends. Bring chills down spines by pretending like an possessed doll with scary makeup accentuated with blood stains and creepy smile!