Beauty Tips for high school girls


Make up and clothing is always an issue for girls. Especially when girls are in teen age they become very conscious for their looks and appearance. If you are stressing about what you should look like as a newcomer in college or high school here’s a quick guide to help your fashion matures with you. Following are some guide lines for you:

At this age, most girls use skin products. If you are a gentle face wash your face whenever you come from outside. Make sure you wash your face at least three times. Before going to bed, clean your face with cleansing moisturizer and then apply any night cream if you use.  For soft and glowing skin, drink plenty of water. Wear a good sunscreen every time you go out. Wearing sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun. Don’t only apply sunscreen to your face but also on your neck, hands and feet.

Don’t apply too much make up. Too much make up spoils your skin. So make sure that you only use the basics. Besides applying a liquid foundation, select a compact instead. Mineral make-up is also good. Use kajol, it enhances the look of your eyes and a neutral color gloss. Don’t apply gloss with dark shade.

Use a perfume and body spray of nice smell but don’t apply too much perfume.

Get a nice and stylish hair cut according to your face. . Try to be versatile and try different and new hair styles so often. These day blades and pony tales are very much inn in hair styles.

Don’t wear high heels in college or high school. Small heals or pumps look good. Shoes should be simple and decent.

Always keeps your nails clean. Paint your nails with beautiful and pretty shades to maximize the beauty of your hands.


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