Balu Mahi—A Movie Review

Revival of Pakistani cinema has evolved and some exceptional work has hit the viewers. Since, the trailer of a new release ‘BALU MAHI’ wasn’t exceptional, still went to watch it. Surprisingly such a rom-com release in Pakistani cinema gave me an awestruck view. Though not a prominent cast, but a great job done by the lead actors in their first debut film.

The lead cast Ainy Jaffri and she proved herself phenomenal, plays the role with precision; the hero of the film Osman Khalid Butt, he is always cute with his immaculate performance throughout. Sadaf kanwal being a debutante played her part well. Durdana butt and Javed Sheikh proved to be entertainers. A lot of appreciation needed for the makeover team also, giving an all-natural look and bringing out the highlighted Ainy Jaffry’s beauty without going overboard.

Most importantly it pleased the cinema lover in me, something to take pride in after watching a Pakistani movie. The film was exceptionally beautiful at different levels. It actually brings out the real Lahori in you, the exotic beauty of old Lahore being captured so perfectly on the big screen….it just proved to be hot shot somehow!

As per some reviews comparing it with Bollywood films, story may have been done before, but once the movie started, you forget about everything else & that’s the sign of an engaging film. When a viewer cannot detach himself emotionally from a film and get a pleasing experience watching all the cinematography, in my opinion that means that a film is a success. It comprehensively proved to be an entertainer from the start till end.

This movie for sure is exquisitely and visually appreciable and executed….screenplay, dialogues and the scenes are appreciable. It is not just a typical love story but has a women empowerment message with an impactful manner.

Exotic location stole our Hearts

All the songs being beautifully composed and sung added to the beauty of the scenes in the film. If nothing else, what succeeded is a huge boost for tourism in Pakistan. The cinematography pays homage to the spell bounding scenes of the Northern areas of Pakistan as Mahi and Balu get on a roller coaster ride of adventures.

Haissam Hussain succeeded in doing a commendable job, being providing an all ‘made in Pakistan ‘movie.

Go watch Balu Mahi and get an entertaining experience. ☺

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