Azaan Sami Khan paving his way to dramas as a music composer!

After proving his skills as the acclaimed music composer in movies, Musician Azaan Khan is now stepping ahead by composing OST’s for upcoming dramas and we are not shocked at all! His exceptional talent has to be utilized in the perfect manner and it seems like we have a gem. A new drama named Ehde Wafa is coming up which revolves around army composites, is making waves on the internet and guess what? Azaan Khan is composing it’s OST!

Lived up to our expectations via giving the hit compositions in the movies like Parey Hut love and Parwaz hai Junoon, he is all geared up to mesmerize us all by his soulful yet captivating music. He gave us a glimpse of his OST (Of course, hasn’t revealed the track) but we get the idea that something amzing is coming our way.

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