Ayyan Ali is back: “Working on a lot of projects & they are going to be out soon,InshaAllah”!!

Surrounded by serious controversies few years back and allegations like smuggling money, the model Ayyan Ali has took to her social media and gave us a clear hint of her return. She stated recently that “Hey guys … I hope ur all having a wonderful day so far :-)”and further elaborated that she is working on many projects and they would be out soon.

The model turned singer also released a song named earthquake and she is getting great response on it. Moreover, she said; “It’s so good to have so much love positivity I have gotten through u guys from 2009 to up till now & I pray it only continues to increase with every passing day inshaaAllah ThankYou …”,

Ayyan spent four months in Adiala Jail and the government also put her name on the Exit Control List (ECL).she was granted bail in July 2016 and subsequently she flew to Dubai after a court ordered removal of her name from the no-fly list.

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