Ayub Khan to play a lead Role in Film “Sarfaroshi, the War against System”


Indo Aus Entertainment announced their first venture “Sarfaroshi, the War against system” Produced by the CEO of Indo Aus Entertainment Ganesh Loke and Director Mr. Bhagirath, The film Star Ayub Khan in the Lead role.
The Movie „Sarfaroshi…. the war against system‟ is about terrorist attack in India, the nexus of corrupt politicians, Corrupt system, and the rebellion of 3 young men against the system. The Music in the film is given by veteran musician from south Sri Vaishnav Deva, while the movie is written and produced by Ganesh Loke.

The Films Main attraction is the Veteran Actor Ayub Khan and Producer Ganesh Loke, who plays the tough cop out to nap the Corruption and terrorism in India. The Director has tried to put more Focus on the scenario corruption in India. Ganesh Loke who is seen first time in Bollywood is also planning to produce big Marathi film project in India in coming year. Approach Entertainment is a media partner which will look after the marketing and PR relation of the movie.
Apart from Ayub Khan and Ganesh Loke, the movie also Starring Big Boss Fame Shraddha Sharma, , Ahasan Khan, Ganesh Loke, Mushtaq Khan, and Gehana Vasistha. The Hot actress Shraddha Sharma, this time will be seen in lead role in film Sarfaroshi. Talking about the story of the movie, Ayub khan plays a role of an honest police officer- Om Pradhan who captures dangerous terrorist and prevents further terrorist attack. However, corrupt politician Bhanu Pratap (played by Ehasan Khan) uses his power & corrupt system against Ayub Khan with the fear that Ayub may expose his corrupt practices.
The movie is aimed to raise awareness against corrupt politicians and encourage youth to change the current corrupt system by taking part into social activities and joining the Police, army or government services.
This is for the first time Ayub Khan and Shraddha Sharma will be seen together on Big Screen.

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