Ayeza Khan is a versatile actress and here is the proof: Two dramas, two different characters!! Let’s dig in!

Keeping her acting chops to level of excellence and challenging herself with different characters, Ayeza Khan has fascinated us pertaining to her flamboyant skills. If we lineup all her prior dramas and her respective roles, the actress has amazed us at many points and established a vital place in entertainment fraternity within short span of time. As the drama content is burgeoning and the canvas has been broadened explicitly, the actors and actresses have also gone from strength to strength in coherence. Speaking of which, two hit dramas are ruling our tv screens lately, “Mere Pass Tum ho” & “Thora Sa Haq” featuring Ayeza Khan in the lead. But we see clear difference of events happening in both storylines especially the character of Ayeza Khan are highly distinctive. She has talked about her characters in her recent interviews and on social media platforms owing to her utterly different aura in both dramas!

Here are some of the statements shared by the actress regarding her role in these dramas and how difficult was for her to play two distinctive characters at the same time in two diverse dramas!

Personifying as Mehwish:

She talked in an interview about her diverse character in the drama “ mere Pass tum ho” she stated that there are many people around us that possess different characteristics. Some are good and some are not, in order to aware people about the negative people around, they should be highlighted and Mehwish is one of those characters that exists in our society.

Apart from that, Ayeza Khan also shared her feelings about playing this negative character and her concern. She stated that she was afraid people would hate her for playing this character as it is so selfish and repulsive. Nonethless, we highly applaud her versatility and appreciate her valiant portrayal of character. Justifying it to the fullest, the actress has showed her versatility with perfection through this character.

Personifying as Sehar:

In contrast, Ayeza Khan stunned us all by her utterly different character in drama “Thora Sa Haq”. Not a boit close to her negative character as Mehwish, Her character in this drama is rather calm, composed, shy and eastern girl who tend to bear all the viciousness conducted by her relatives. Playing as Sehar, Ayeza Khan has gained sympathies and won our hearts by her so on point performance.

It is surely not easy to perform two distinctive characters but she has nailed it sheerly taking into play her utmost acting skills.

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