Ayesha Omer knows how to respond to the backlash gracefully!

Talented actress and exceptional actress Ayesha Omer is again facing controversy for her bold avatar. She lately posted a bold picture on her Instagram and people are not happy with that. It’s not the first time the actress faced backlash and hate comments from the fans due to her dressing. But the actress knows how to handle these negative comments and criticism with f=grace and logical answers. Pakistani fans are always prone to know what our celebrities do in their private lives and show their interest. As our Pakistani celebrities share their personal live experiences and moments with the fans, they also get victimized by the hatred if something is out of the box or not resonating to the cultural values.

Even celebrities have been victims of such bullying, and it’s absolutely to know how people can stoop so low to hurt others. However, some celebrities have mastered the art of tackling their haters and putting them back in their place. Not only Ayesha omer, lately many ace celebrities have been trolled on social media for their bold pictures and moments and it can cause serious problems like depression.

But there are fans who solemnly accept every aspect of their favorite celebrities and pour immense love which is definitely needed amidst these dark times. Ayesha Omer has answered all the trolling on her recent Instagram post with sheer perfection and grace. Months back she decided to privatize her Instagram account as she faced much trolling by haters but fans didn’t let her do so.

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